Lolly’s Locks Touches A Nerve

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Well, it seems Alanis Morissette is right. Life does have a funny way of sneaking up on you. And at times, when it does so, it implores you to act… do something. ANYTHING.

When Natalie and I started this business about which we are so passionate, we made it our mission right from the get-go to try to effect change in some way, to the best of our abilities. How exactly to accomplish this was, is and probably always will be a constant work in progress. It’s a conversation that we have daily, usually several times per day. In this digital, incredibly fast-paced world in which we live and work, our business is growing and changing and we are growing and changing with it.

Growth however comes in many shapes and sizes and there is an undeniable learning curve. As entrepreneurs with an online presence, we are bombarded regularly with requests for collaborations, donations and other such partnerships. We try to filter through them carefully, learn as much as we can and determine which resonate with us. When we received an email from Jaime Wright, the founder and Executive Director of Lolly’s Locks, we didn’t have to delve too deeply to realize that this is exactly the type of charity we are happy to support.

The reason for this is pretty simple: Lolly’s Locks, named in loving memory of Jaime’s mother Lolly, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high-quality wigs to cancer patients. I understand first-hand the positive impact this can have psychologically on cancer patients and in restoring a sense of normalcy amidst chaos. In 2002, at age 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two months later, my incredible mother was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer. Throughout that year, we both underwent multiple surgeries and endured chemo together (not exactly a typical mother/daughter bonding experience). We subsequently learned that we were carriers of the BRCA1 mutation, as did Jaime.

Sadly my mother lost her battle in 2007. My daughter Olivia, who was nine at the time, decided that she would like to donate her hair to Pantene and Locks of Love and she challenged me to do so as well. Of course, I happily obliged. Since 2008, we have donated our hair seven times (between the two of us). It’s not huge, but it’s something.

That, in a nutshell, is a very condensed version of why Natalie and I so willingly decided to donate one of our stunning sterling silver Unity Om necklaces to the silent auction for Lolly’s Locks fifth annual DC Night of Fashion. We (specifically I) felt a connection to Jaime and her cause and appreciated her commitment and dedication to it. Once again, it’s not huge, but it’s something. We are learning as we go, one foot in front of the other. The journey of a thousand miles really does begin with a single step.


To learn more about Lolly’s Locks, click here:

A Golden Opportunity

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There have been many famous Oscars throughout entertainment history: Oscar Peterson. Oscar (Odd Couple) Madison. Oscar de la Renta. Oscar Wilde. And of course, (lest we forget?) Oscar the Grouch. But only one Oscar, truly only ONE, is known simply by his first name: He, with the perfect posture and sculpted abs. He, with that flawlessly golden glow. He, who is able to bring together en masse a who’s who of Hollywood royalty for one glorious evening. He, who is sometimes controversial yet still always desirable. He, who needs no introduction at all….. Yes, THAT Oscar.

Like Brad, George and Denzel, just a mention of the name Oscar evokes feelings of excitement and anticipation, enthusiasm and anxiousness. Mention “Oscar” and questions  abound: Who will be nominated and who will be slighted? Who will host? Who will everybody be wearing? Who will make an acceptance speech worthy of critical acclaim? And of course, what will be in those enviable swag (aka very VERY expensive loot) bags??

While answers to some of the above questions will this year only be revealed on February 26, we do have the inside scoop on the (most important) loot. Here goes: YOGAJEWELZ  proudly announces that our very own Petite Om Diamond Bracelets will be one of the products included in the 2017 “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags!

We were so thrilled and excited when Distinctive Assets approached us in their attempt to “impress the unimpressable.” We felt that having representation in the swag bag was, in keeping with the Oscars theme, a golden opportunity we just couldn’t pass up. So if we can’t be at the Academy Awards in person, at least our jewelry will be!!

We truly hope that all the celebs who receive our Om bracelets will embrace the positive energy and be inspired….. After all, in today’s turbulent time full of seeming instability and confusion, a little positivity goes a long way.

For a sneak peak at what’s inside the 2017 swag bag, click here: 

Pop-Up For Peru

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At the risk of sounding cliche, we want to make the world a better place. Not boisterous Donald Trump style “Make America Great Again” better……just better. We want to know that when we wake up tomorrow, our world as we know it will be slightly better than it is today. Positive change is made little by little, day by day. It takes effort, patience and commitment. We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but as they say “small efforts sustained over time can produce significant results.”

So, in keeping with this motto, we decided to do a little pop-up shop at Moksha Yoga NDG in support of its efforts to raise money for Junglekeepers, a nonprofit committed to protecting the Madre de Dios (Mother of God) rainforest in Peru. The Amazon jungle, whose size and biodiversity make it one of the greatest natural wonders of the world, is under severe threat of deforestation due to (among other things) road construction and agriculture. Moksha Yoga has been collaborating with Junglekeepers since 2014 in a valiant effort to preserve this invaluable ecosystem.

As mothers, yogis, humanitarians and business owners, we were happy to donate a percentage of sales from our little pop-up to this important cause. Hopefully one day in the not-too-distant future we will be lucky enough to visit, to experience the Peruvian Amazon first-hand and hence, to truly comprehend the significance of the work being done by Junglekeepers.

To learn more about Junglekeepers, click here:

Yoga for a Cause

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Last month, we took part in a very special day of yoga and wellness to help raise money for Lymphoma Canada. “Take it to the Mat” is an event which incorporates the benefits of yoga, meditation and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We were so honored to be amongst a wonderful community of people all working towards the common goal of empowering lymphoma patients through education, support and research.

Making a difference in the lives of others is a huge part of our mission and we hope to participate in many more inspiring events such as this in the future. As Mother Teresa once said: “The greatest good is what we do for one another.”




With Love from Yogajewelz

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Welcome to the official launch of the Yogajewelz blog! We are excited to share our thoughts, inspirations and ideas with you. Through these posts, we hope to convey all of our dreams, fears and realities so that you can get to know and understand us. We intend to really “put it out there” and we welcome your input and feedback. Please continue to check in regularly and see what we are up to!

In addition, if you have an inspiring story to tell and wish to join our Yogajewelz Soul Squad, please email us so that we may post it on our blog. Our intention is to learn from our readers (and yes, we have so much to learn!), to provoke thought, to motivate.

Until next time, keep smiling!


Judi and Natalie